Testimonials – What Our Customers Say…

“I don’t know what to expect and thought it would be similar to bean-bags that are already for sale today but after trying it for myself I can say this is the most comfortable been I’ve tried, feeling completely relaxed when using it. Filed with memory foam, this makes it one of the most bean-bags on the market today in my opinion.
Great comfort, high quality materials and has a fresh look.”

Denny Van Dun

“Omg! So at first I thought this was going to be another. Bean bag cushion. Wow was I wrong. The feeling is literally what floating on a cloud would feel like! No micro balls or anything! Just an amazing feeling. I can definitely see myself on this all day and night! Great stuff!!”

Sagar Choski

“One of the most comfortable beanbags in the market, its not your average beanbag, its cushion and the fabric makes it feel like your lying on fluffy clouds, highly recommended. I wish they made it different sizes, for children or even pets.
Well done Koze!!”

Jae Kim

“So comfy! got a few for our office and now more people napping than working lol…worth it tho!!”

Danny Chang